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Polar Vortex Shutters Restaurants Across the US

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Thinking about ordering in during the epic cold snap sweeping the country right now? Think again: restaurants across the US are temporarily closing due to the current cold so-called "polar vortex." In the Midwest, temperatures are forecasted to hit negative double digits with windchills dipping into unimaginably cold lows of negative 50s or even 60s. And some restaurants have decided that's too cold to risk their employees heading into work.

Many restaurants have either completely closed, decided to open for limited hours, or are simply not delivering today. Eater Detroit, Eater Chicago, and Eater Minneapolis have rounded up restaurants that, either because of employee safety concerns or simply because business would be too slow, decided to close today. You can also check out a list of Milwaukee shutters at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The Chicago Tribune notes that restaurants that did decide to open are mostly empty, or at least very slow. "It's completely dead," a Hard Rock Hotel employee told the newspaper. Some restaurants that decided to remain open are actually running deals to coax people out into the cold: Eater Minneapolis has rounded up a list of restaurants offering deals today, as does Eater Chicago. Sanctuary Restaurant in Minneapolis actually called all of their reservations individually to find out if they were still coming and then decided to remain open.

The polar vortex is moving South and East, so expect more closings over the next few days. Keep warm out there, be mindful of potential frozen sinus cavities, and if you do manage to find some place willing to brave the cold to bring you takeout — Eater Chicago has a list of places still delivering — remember to tip well.

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