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DC's Indie Coffee Shops Team Up for 'Disloyalty' Program

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While eBayers duke it out over stunt Starbucks loyalty cards, a half-dozen independent Washington, DC coffee shops are joining forces to encourage rampant disloyalty. "DC Disloyal" implores coffee drinkers to visit all six (independently owned) participating shops as part of a "coffee adventure," where they receive a stamp with purchase. Once the card is completed, disloyal drinkers will earn a free beverage at the one shop that emerged as their favorite. DC Disloyal founder (and Peregrine Espresso barista) Dawn Shanks tells Eater DC, "I hope the card is a fun way for DC coffee lovers to sort of explore different shops and engage with the people making coffee."

Independent coffee shops have been biting back against chains' loyalty programs of late: In December, a Dallas cafe started accepting Starbucks gift cards to help get its "name out there" among coffee drinkers. The DC card's limited to just 500 in the first printing; Shanks says she's hoping for a second printing soon.

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