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Vegetarians Boldly Petition McDonald's for a Veggie Burger

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Vegetarians, vegans, and vegetable lovers are petitioning McDonald's to add a veggie burger to their menu. A petition started by health and wellness writer/activist Kathy Freston with over 87,000 signatures asks the fast food giant to add "a meatless protein-centric option" to their menu. The petition also asks McDonald's to take the beef flavoring out of the french fries.

Freston tells the Wall Street Journal that she believes the public is ready for a McDonald's veggie burger because "people are more health-conscious now." Interestingly, Freston also admits to being one of the many Americans who don't order McDonald's salads, saying she doesn't find them filling. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Russell Simmons have even gotten in on the action.

A McVeggie burger might not be too much of a stretch. Burger King already offers a veggie burger, and McDonald's serves veggie burgers at their vegetarian outlets in India. And outside of the veggie burger arena, McDonald's Canada offers veggie wraps with hummus and beans. And over at Chipotle, vegetarians can now order burritos made with tofu "sofritas." McDonald's, however, did introduce a veggie burger back in the early 2000s, but apparently it was a flop.

Still, vegetarians and vegans have had success in petitioning chain companies in the past. Back in 2012, vegans petitioned Starbucks to stop using food dye made from crushed beetles and Starbucks ultimately stopped using it.

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