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Watch Science Explain Why You Aren't Made of Nachos

Just time for the Super Bowl, here's a video that answers a very important existential question: If I weigh 99 pounds and eat one pound of nachos, am I one percent nacho? SciShow uses science (and some semantics) to explain: First of all, are nachos still considered "nachos" after they've been masticated?

Probably not (and that's the short answer), but even if so, the digestive system is filled with bacteria that make up about three percent of body mass. That bacteria will break down the molecules in said nachos, keeping a third of the nachos in the digestive system (which are expelled as waste "within a day or two") and holding another portion of the food as sustenance. Shockingly, although it's not accurate to say you are one percent nachos by weight, "you are at least some percent nacho for the rest of your life." Go, watch:

Video: Am I 1% Nacho?

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