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Watch a Portlandia Season 4 Preview: NPR Tailgate

Here's a preview for the fourth season of the cultishly-loved IFC show Portlandia. The sketch finds stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein playing Malcolm and Kris, two Portland dwellers who enjoy a good fart patio. They are also majorly loyal fans of NPR's Prairie Home Companion, and in the clip below they host an epic tailgate party as they await showtime. On their tailgate menu is yerba mate tea ("I snuck it through customs") and Puree Home Comp-Onion soup served from a slow-cooker ("Warm it up over a really low flame. I mean you want it so really, you want it off"). Portlandia season four premieres on February 27. For now, here's the preview:

Video: Portlandia – Tailgating – A Prairie Home Companion

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