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Teen Behind Guy Fieri Lambo Heist Sentenced to Life

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The saga of Guy Fieri's stolen Lamborghini has drawn to a close. According to the Marin Independent Journal, 19 year old Max Wade has been sentenced to life plus 21 years for a slew of crimes, including attempted murder and the 2011 theft and subsequent Bay Area joy riding of Fieri's banana yellow Lambo.

In case you have forgotten how nuts this story was, Wade used climbing gear to break into the autoshop where Fieri's car was located in March of 2011. The car was then spotted on security cameras around the Bay Area (including driving across the Golden Gate Bridge) before it was finally found in a storage unit in April 2012. All of this was apparently done to impress a girl, whom Wade also tried (and, thankfully, failed) to murder. Then, on Wade's 18th birthday, his buddies tried to bust him out of jail. It didn't work. Fieri ended up testifying at the trial (and the world got the fantastic courtroom illustratio of Fieri). Below, Wade's attorneys respond to the sentencing on the local news.

Video: Teen Gets Life Sentence For Guy Fieri Lamborghini Heist, Murder Attempt

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