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Watch Parks and Recreation Get a Chard-On

From last night's episode of Parks and Recreation: At the Pawnee Farmers Market, a chard vendor (Nolan Del Mornch, played by Owen Burke) makes his stand super-sexy with half-naked dancers and catcalls like, "Let's get re-charded in here." The stand is called Chardbodies, with the obvious slogan of "Get A Chard On." (NBC even registered for the occasion.) How else are you supposed to sell chard, what with the ascendancy of kale?

After getting his license revoked by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) over lewdness, he storms into City Hall and makes his case: "Chard is disgusting. You try selling it without sexy dancers. It's impossible! It's like, hey! You like lettuce? Try this, it's worse. It tastes like kale took a dump on spinach." Later a compromise is made: At 5 PM the Farmers Market officially closes and becomes "Farmers Market: After Hours" with sexy "chard shots" for the "freaky vegans out there." Watch:

Video: A Chard Day's Night

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