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Thieves Strip UK Restaurant, Leaving Just One Chair

Photo: Thai Cafe

There's a long list of shit people steal from restaurants, but thieves in England have upped the ante and stolen nearly every piece of furniture from a Saltford restaurant. Thai Café owner David Appleby tells the Bristol Post that when he came to open his restaurant last week, the entire dining room was emptied of its tables and all but one chair. All told, 13 tables and 25 chairs were taken. Appleby tells the BBC that while the thieves did take almost all of his furniture, the theft was "weird" because no booze was stolen. Police suspect the furniture was "stolen to order."

Apparently Thai Café has been a target for local wrong-doers for a few months, as have other local businesses. Back in December, petty cash was stolen from the restaurant and an attempted break-in between Christmas and New Year's resulted in a bit of property damage. There is a small bright side, at least, to this latest theft. Appleby notes that the chairs were over 10 years old and that he had plans to replace them anyway. "Stealing them seems barely worth it," he says.

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Thai Cafe

489 Bath Rd, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3BA, United Kingdom

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