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Here's a Crazy Prototype of a Stackable McDonald's Takeout Container

Photo: McDonald's New Zealand

Behold what the world of fast food could be if McDonald's New Zealand had its way: this weekend, the chain posted to its Facebook page the above photograph of a combination burger-and-fry holder stacked on top of a soft drink. There's also an extra little compartment for condiments on top of it all, naturally. Is this setup, as the Facebook post asks, "McGenius?"

As Consumerist points out, maybe not. After all, a tower of fast food has its potential for drawbacks, such as the juxtaposition of a cold drink and a hot sandwich or, you know, the way that towers sometimes collapse. But anyway, reps for McDonald's tell Burger Business that "this is an idea whose time has not come and that it does not offer the meal holder in its restaurants." So seems like there's plenty of time to work out the kinks should this thing ever come to pass.

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