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Woman Boldly Completes Goal of Eating Only at Starbucks for All of 2013

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Congratulations, Beautiful Existence, you did it. As promised, the Seattle mom and blogger Beautiful Existence (legal name) spent an entire year eating only from Starbucks and its affiliates like Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh. Actually, it seems that Existence may have eaten Starbucks for slightly less than a year, having begun the project in earnest on January 2, 2013 and ending it on December 31, but hey, who's counting?

Along with dropping pounds, Existence also dropped money, spending some $500 - $600 each month. For her first non-Starbucks meal, Existence ate fish and chips from Seattle seafood chain Ivar's, since the last time she and her family went there she had to eat a Starbucks sandwich. Apparently she also had intense cravings for fried food, telling the New York Daily News: "My taste buds have been freaking out ... Starbucks doesn't really have anything that's fried." For 2014, Existence will turn her attention to athletics, playing her way through some 80 recreational sports supplied by the sporting goods store REI. Below, a video montage of Existence's 12 months of Starbucks food:

Video: Starbucks 365

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