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Grant Achatz Says He Will Not Ban Babies From Alinea

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Mike Bagale and Grant Achatz in Alinea's kitchen.
Mike Bagale and Grant Achatz in Alinea's kitchen.
Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Is this the end of the crying infant saga that has become known as AlineaBabyGate? Alinea chef Grant Achatz tells the Chicago Reader that he is "not thinking of changing the policy that lets parents bring infants." Achatz's confirmation that he will not change the policy comes almost a week after he tweeted about a crying infant in his three Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant and prompted an internet storm over whether people should bring young kids to high-end restaurants.

Explaining that "Infants are fine ... so long as the grown-ups with them act like grown-ups," Achatz echoes what partner Nick Kokonas has said about babies at Alinea: "we've had babies before. It's never about the kids. It's always about the parents." Achatz also explains that had he been told ahead of time that a guest's babysitter had canceled, the restaurant would have "been accommodating," even though the restaurant has a strict no cancellation policy. And so, for now at least, babies are still technically allowed in Alinea.

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