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Watch How Laughing Gas Speeds Up Cocktail Infusions

Is there anything science can't do? In this video by Hard Science, Anthony Carboni and Tara Long experiment with nitrous oxide as a way to turn the (normally two-week) process of infusing booze into something that takes two minutes. The science: The pressure inside the nitrous oxide dispenser (better known as laughing gas) is "about five times the pressure of earth's atmosphere," which forcibly pushes the gas into the ingredients. (One concoction involves infusing vodka with Serrano peppers, Sriracha, Tapatio hot sauce, and Hot Tamales candies, then downing it all as one shot.) The duo also use a vacuum pump to create a "reverse infusion," infusing apple chunks with Sazerac. Go, watch:

Video: Laughing Gas Infused Cocktails

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