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Bartenders in California Also Have to Wear Gloves Now

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A sweeping new California law regarding when restaurant workers must wear gloves extends past the kitchen. The LA Times points out that the new rules also apply to bartenders, who now must wear gloves or use utensils when handling any component "that goes directly into your glass." In practical terms, this means that bartenders in California are required to wear gloves or use utensils like tongs or tweezers when touching ice cubes and drink garnishes like herbs, lemon twists, or olives.

Chefs wearing gloves has been a hot topic for years, and many chefs are unhappy about the new California mandate. Back in 2012 when Oregon was considering similar legislation, Eater talked with several Oregon chefs who brought up objections to gloves that may also apply to bartenders as well, including that gloves are environmentally unfriendly, that they slow things down, and that they don't necessarily promote good hygiene practices.

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