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Watch the Crazy Animated Teaser for Roy Choi's Upcoming LA Restaurant POT

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Here's a delightfully bizarre animated teaser from the website for POT, Roy Choi's upcoming restaurant at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles and one of the most anticipated openings of 2014. The food truck king and bestselling author will be doing all the food and beverage at the Line including a lobby bar, a cafe, and a more casual restaurant called Commissary. POT will serve hot pots, barbecue, and more.

With claymation by Daniel Gibson and creative direction by Choi and the Folklor creative agency, the video below finds two SpongeBob-esque ramen noodles hanging out in a hot tub with a hot dog. There are insults, drugs, and one sexy carrot. Choi tells Eater over email: "It was an idea I had about a bunch of strangers and low-lifes meeting near the Salton Sea in a motel and jumping in a hot tub and becoming friends. I don't know why but I think it was hot pots and weed that made me think of sausages and ramen in a hot jacuzzi. Our creative consultant and the animator were instrumental in evolving the story and bringing it to life." Go, watch:

Video: Eat at Pot

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