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Watch an Ad for DressTiez, Adult Bibs for Dining Out

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Ladies and gentlemen, are you tired of getting food all over your fancy clothes when you go out to nice restaurants? Over EaterWire comes word of DressTiez, which is basically a bib for grownups to wear out to restaurants. DressTiez comes in three styles, Classic (which is "conservative," wouldn't want a risque DressTiez), Designer ("bolder trendy design"), and a limited vintage fabric collection. They range is price depending on what kind of fabric you get, from basic $29.99 models on up. And there are testimonials: "It has changed my life! I can now enjoy wonderful meals without worry about soiling my clothing." Thank goodness.

Here are some things you may want to know about DressTiez, courtesy their FAQ: "DressTiez can be worn in the finest white tablecloth restaurants, casual restaurants & taverns, at home, in the car, etc." Anywhere you want, really. It's also "for busy executives, men & women on the go everywhere." This is maybe a joke? Who can even tell anymore. Here's a video promo:

Video: DressTiez: Eat With Style

· DressTiez [Official Site]
· DressTiez: Eat With Style [YouTube]

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