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London Cafe Charges Customers by the Minute

Photo: Ziferblat / Facebook

Here's a potential truce in the ongoing war against laptop squatters: A cafe in London charges customers for the time the spend in the cafe, as opposed to what they order, Time Out London reports. Ziferblat is an import from Russia, and is London's very first pay-per-minute cafe. The going rate is £1.80 ($2.95) per hour. By way of comparison, TOL points out that an Americano at the nearest coffee chain is £2.25 ($3.69) or about an hour and 15 minutes worth of time at Ziferblat.

Ziferblat opened at the end of November and, according the Guardian, the way it works is that customers bring an alarm clock from a cabinet with them to their table, noting the time of their arrival. While in the cafe customers can order coffee, eat complimentary snacks, or go into the kitchen to make themselves something to eat with whatever ingredients happen to be available. WiFi is also free and, since the cafe charges by the minute, telecommuter types are welcome to settle in with their computer without fear of a password change, a covered outlet, or time restrictions. Says owner Ziferblat Ivan Mitin: "It's very social. We think of our guests as micro tenants, all sharing the same space."

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