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Dallas Pizzeria Has a Special Treat for Yelpers

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Photo: Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern, a new Dallas pizzeria from the folks behind Cane Rosso, has adopted the unicorn as a mascot of sorts. And they've announced via Facebook they're saving a very special part of it for Yelpers. While the premium unicorn cuts are saved for Chuck Norris, unfortunate Yelpers get the unicorn's taint. At least it's rainbow colored? (The restaurant also offers free "unicorn tears" seasoning on their New York-style pizzas.)

Owner Jay Jerrier has long taken issue with Yelpers, and back in March added a footnote on the menu at Cane Rosso schooling the amateur online reviewers on the art of pizza tip sag. (This was in response to a Yelper calling their Neopolitan-style pie the "worst pizza ever.") Considering the animosity between Jerrier and Yelpers, perhaps they're lucky he's sharing his unicorn at all.

So, which Yelpers is this unicorn delicacy reserved for? Perhaps Virginia G., who notes that as a native-Brooklynite her "standards are probably higher than a lot of people visiting Zoli's" and is angry they offer hatch chiles on their pizzas? Or Nick S., who calls the pizza "Extremely mediocre"? Or maybe Kevin G., who notes "It's pizza. If you like pizza, it's fine"? Stay tuned.

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Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

202 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

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