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Chef Counter Wire

13454578369_zKVhvHiqGag8Z4plPgfQFkt2FTDSST3AKSUDZUDYVXo-thumb.jpgMirroring Ruth Reichl's take, Food For Thought files on Blanca, the chef counter in Brooklyn from Carlo Mirarchi. Quote: "At Blanca there are no physical walls; but the invisible wall is palpable... And it's this feeling of awkward discomfort... that, for whatever reason, is one of my most vivid memories of our dinner at Blanca... I think the no-photos policy is just another symptom of the same thing: the feeling that the diners are being tolerated, but that their enjoyment isn't the primary point of the whole endeavor." [FFT]
[Photo: Foursquare]

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