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Watch René Redzepi Discuss Revamping Noma's Coffee

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Here's a video of chef René Redzepi speaking at this year's Nordic Barista Cup in Oslo, an annual barista competition and coffee conference. In his lecture, Redzepi discusses the why and how behind his decision to overhaul the coffee program at his Copenhagen restaurant Noma. He says part of his decision to "totally revamp" the coffee program after promising to do so at last year's Nordic Barista Cup was realizing that he "had specialists for everything in our restaurant, for sommeliers, we have specialists for berries, for foraging, for mosses ... but we never had one for coffee."

He explains that it took eight months to implement the program, from trying to make espresso at home to having "meeting after meeting" to experiencing the excitement of seeing front of house staff "cooking." (They make pour-over coffee.) He stresses the importance of staying service-oriented in his decision to offer guests milk and sugar even though the coffee doesn't really need it. Redzepi also explains some of the costs of implementing the program, and the significance of realizing "we aren't an espresso bar." His lecture is a fascinating look at how one restaurant transformed coffee from an "afterthought" to a point of pride. Go, watch:

Video: Milk and Sugar, Please!

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