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April Bloomfield & Sean Brock on CBS This Morning

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Chefs April Bloomfield (New York) and Sean Brock (Charleston) were on CBS This Morning to promote their upcoming season of Mind of a Chef, premiering on PBS on September 7. After a brief clip from the show which shows Bloomfield fishing, they get down to the business of the actual minds of chefs. Bloomfield explains that the show's strength is showing how truly different every chef thinks about food and approaches his or her restaurant: "When I got asked to do this show, I was like but it's Dave Chang and it's Sean Brock!...hold on, but that's the point, because we're all completely different." Then it's on to discussing spicy fried chicken with Brock, tipping, whether chefs are the new rock stars (Bloomfield notes she doesn't have any tattoos), and why women chefs get pushed into pastry. Go, watch:

Video: April Bloomfield and Sean Brock on CBS This Morning

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