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Chef Dominique Ansel Introduces the Magic Soufflé

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Photo: @DominiqueAnsel

Chef and Cronut creator Dominique Ansel revealed a new pastry today that is likely to take the food world by storm and spawn legions of imitators: The Magic Soufflé, a Grand Marnier chocolate soufflé encased inside orange blossom brioche. All week Ansel has been teasing a new a "new Fall item," playing 21 Questions with people on Twitter. And today people figured it out. He tweeted today: "Wow! Three people guessed the right answer simultaneously..." It also helped that a photo of the pastry was leaked this morning.

Ansel also tweeted a photo of the Magic Soufflé, above. A rep at Dominique Ansel Bakery tells Eater that it was "a very difficult recipe to figure out" and that no one except the "chef de partie and up" touches the recipe. There's also a non-disclosure agreement for the technique.

Tomorrow morning in the Cronut line, lucky winners will get a sample. It'll officially launch on Saturday at the bakery and retails for $7.00. Said Ansel: "I don't want the creation to kill the creativity. It's not so much about making the next Cronut. It's about making something other than the Cronut."

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