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Watch a Clip of Food Fanatics With the 'Foodie Magician'

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Comedian/blogger/self-proclaimed "Rain Man of New York City restaurants" Josh Beckerman — a.k.a. the "Foodie Magician" — shows off his magical mentalist skills on the new Cooking Channel series Food Fanatics with Eden Grinshpan. In the following clip, Beckerman successfully predicts Grinshpan's favorite New York City restaurant by asking a few simple questions (the fact that Grinshpan is Canadian "tells me a lot"), then shares a "magical night" and a massive goat neck with Grinshpan at NYC's Ducks Eatery. Food Fanatics with Eden Grinshpan — which focuses on bloggers and "social media stars" obsessed with dining — premieres on the Cooking Channel on Friday, September 13. But first, the magic:

Video: The Foodie Magician

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Ducks Eatery

351 E 12th St., New York, NY 10003