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masterchef_junior2.jpgMasterChef Junior, the show in which Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot hang out with a bunch of precocious kids, premiered on Friday night. Did you watch it? 4.2 million people did, which is a very large number. Videogum has a recap, and it is sort of scary. Quote: Ramsay tries to find out if if one of the girls has a boyfriend: "When she says she doesn't, he points to Tommy, 11... and says 'What about Tommy? He's been looking at you all night.' LOL! Like, did Ramsay say that because stirring up sexual tension between kids who have yet to hit puberty is cute and funny, or because he is most comfortable around kids when he acts like a creepy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner?" [Videogum]

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