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Are Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham Planning a Global Pie and Mash Chain?

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With their restaurant Union Street Café set to open in London later this month, handsome soccerman David Beckham and shouty chef Gordon Ramsay are rumored to be setting their sights on their next potential collaboration: a worldwide chain of pie and mash shops. An inside source tells the Sun: "David and Gordon agree there's a gap in the market and they want to bring [pie and mash] to the rest of the world." The source also says that Beckham is hoping that a cafe in London will be a "starting point for a worldwide chain." According to Newsmax, Beckham is "a notorious fan" of the classic London dish.

Apparently this isn't a new idea from the duo. TVNZ reports that Ramsay and Beckham registered the name "PM" with the Intellectual Property Office back in 2010. Based on photos from the Mirror of Beckham, his wife, and Ramsay at a construction site, it looks like the pie and mash concept may already be underway and on track to open this Fall. The Sun's source says that Beckham will not be "getting involved in Gordon's new restaurant," but based on Ramsay's announcements about the restaurant, it seems clear that Beckham is, in fact, an investor at Union Street Café. Whether Beckham will take an active role in Union Street Café or these rumored pie and mash shops remains to be seen.

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