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Irish Critic Reports Chef to Police For Severed Head Photo

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Tensions between Sunday Independent restaurant critic Lucinda O'Sullivan and Cleaver East chef Oliver Dunne are not resolved yet. The Herald reports that in response to a photoshopped image Dunne tweeted last week which shows him holding a cleaver while his colleague holds an image of the critic's severed head, O'Sullivan has reported the photo incident to Ireland's police force. She says the police have already "taken details from her."

The trouble between the chef and the critic began when Dunne wrote a massive takedown of the critic on his restaurant's blog and tweeted the scandalous image after a negative review. Dunne, whose Bon Appetit is one of Ireland's only eight Michelin-starred restaurants, has since removed the picture and told the Herald: "If anyone is offended, I am sorry ... If Lucinda wants an apology, I would be happy to." The picture was mailed to Dunne by a supplier, photoshopped from a publicity photo that ran with O'Sullivan's Cleaver East review. Dunne says it was all meant to be "taken in jest."

Apparently, the chef's public apology is too little, too late. O'Sullivan writes in the Sunday Independent: "Vulnerable people have even taken their own lives as a result of such abuse. On advice, I took the picture (with a heavy heart) to the garda station." She adds that though Dunne publicly said he would apologize to her for the "sick and tasteless" photo, he "has yet to do so." O'Sullivan also says she didn't consider the review to be bad, and that this incident is "a new low." No word yet on whether Dunne will face any charges from the police.

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