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New NYC Restaurant Serves Nothing But Potatoes

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The single-dish trend continues in NYC with today's debut of Potatopia, a build-your-own concept serving nothing but potatoes (not to be confused or pronouned as "pot-atopia," which is probably a different kinda thing). As Robert Sietsema noted earlier this summer, the potatoes are cooked up nine different ways — baked, smashed, curly-fried, au gratin, etc. — and the starch-eater has his choice of veggie, protein, and sauce toppings. (The punnery isn't just limited to the name; a slogan proclaims that "You can get baked, fried, or smashed here. We won't judge.") The West Village location is the second for the burgeoning potato chain; its flagship location is inside the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ.

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378 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY, 10011

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