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Watch Wylie Dufresne Talk Culinary Answers, Lab Burgers

Tech blog the Verge sits down with wd~50's molecularly minded chef Wylie Dufresne to talk about the chemistry of cooking and the aspirations of the restaurant, which originally was "to have a place where I could continue my culinary education." Dufresne chats about wd's growth ("we've stayed true to our original idea but... our understanding of cooking has deepened greatly") and how best stay intellectually curious ("we realized we had to go outside our discipline for the answers to our questions").

He also gives the camera a "tour" of the restaurant's immersion circulator, though his restaurant "lab" does draw the line at lab-grown meat. "That's not so interesting to me," Dufresne says. "I think it's a little disconnected and a little creepy that your food could just be grown in a petri dish." Go, watch:

Video: A Conversation with Wylie Dufresne

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