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Applebee's Apologizes for Kicking Out Family with 'Rowdy' Kids

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A Texas Applebee's.
A Texas Applebee's.
Photo: Amy Claxton/Flickr

Corporate flacks from the Applebee's chain have publicly apologized after a Houston-area franchise kicked out a family with two young children. Applebee's, which considers itself a family-friendly restaurant, asked Eli Gau and Lillian Maliti to leave the premises when the couple's three-year-old "began wandering from the table," calling local authorities because the children were "making too much noise." Once outside, a Sheriff's Deputy issued the couple a warning for criminal trespassing.

A spokesperson from the corporate offices told local news station KeyeTV that the Katy, Texas restaurant manager "mishandled" the situation. Per the statement: "It is exceedingly rare that a situation requires the assistance of law enforcement, and our franchisee is using this instance as a teaching moment to better manage future disruptions in their restaurants."

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