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Here's Wired Magazine's Food Issue

Photo: Wired

Articles from the October food issue of Wired magazine are up online, and they are full of interesting facts about umami, processed foods, and bugs. There are essays from David Chang and Alton Brown, plus plenty of recipes. The food issue is a joint effort from Wired and Bon Appétit. Have a look:

· Momofuku chef/owner David Chang has an essay called "The Joy of Cooking With Science" in which he outlines the mission of his test kitchen, talks about umami and MSG, and calls cooking "the only science in which innovation is frowned upon."

· An article on fast food stunt dishes offers a look at Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco, the KFC Double Down, and the like and wonders if "it's hard not to see this as a backlash against all the healthy-food agitprop."

· Food nerd and TV personality Alton Brown explores the science of the incredibly real-tasting fake chicken created by Beyond Meat and offers recipes for Chicken-Free Stir Fry and Chicken-Free Sweet Potato Hash.

· A recipe for a "mind-blowing Caymanian parfait" was developed with an IBM algorithm that takes into account cuisine type, dietary restrictions, and course.

· Here's an interview with the CEO of Mattson Food, which creates new processed foods for companies like Oscar Mayer, Starbucks, and Pepperidge Farm. The first step to creating a new product? "First we need to solve for optimized hedonics. That encompasses a food's description, appearance, aroma, and taste."

· There's a diary of a man who spent an entire week only consuming Soylent, "a self-made slurry of maltodextrin, amino acids, fiber, olive oil, and other ingredients."

· There's a diagram of components in a bug Bento box from London-based startup Ento, which includes a Honey Caterpillar Roll, a Grasshopper Mini-Pie, and a Crispy Cricket Cube.

· A piece on umami goes deep into the history of MSG and impact of umami on the human body There's also a look a the components of the Umami Burger that measures the glutamates in each.

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