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Watch Alex Atala Talk Native Ingredients and Cultural Bias

This Spring, chef Alex Atala of D.O.M. in Brazil (currently ranked #6 in the world) lectured at UCLA and here now is the video of his presentation. Atala discusses the intersection of the "primitive" and the modern in cuisine and his own work at D.O.M., especially as it relates to working with native ingredients. He suggests that perceptions of flavor are culturally informed: "Eating insects is disgusting. Can you imagine eating shit from a cow? What about vomit? Can you explain honey? ... You ate vomit. Our culture is blind sometimes." Atala also touches on conservation and sustainability issues related to the Amazon. As a bonus, his presentation features video footage of dishes coming together in the D.O.M. kitchen. It's an engaging lecture, go watch:

Video: Primitive X Modern: Cultural Interpretations of Flavors

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