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Here's a Clip from Parts Unknown's Season Two Premiere

As previously reported, the second season of Anthony Bourdain's CNN show Parts Unknown premieres September 15, and a few quick video clips have surfaced online. The first episode sees Bourdain traveling to Jerusalem, which has Bourdain noting on Twitter: "My @PartsUnknownCNN Jerusalem, West Bank , Gaza episode pissing off people who have yet to even SEE it! Extraordinary ."

In the following clip from the show, Bourdain gets introspective about his visit to the region: "We always bring stuff along when we travel, your preconceptions, your personal belief system, the full weight of your life experience. It's going to come to bear on the way you experience a place. But whatever you may think, whatever baggage you may bring to this place, you should see this."

Video: Anthony Bourdain: "Jesus walked there"

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