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Watch Conan Taste Waters With a Water Sommelier

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Last night comedian Conan O'Brien hosted Ray's & Stark Bar GM and water sommelier Martin Riese on the show to discuss the finer points of drinking water. Riese created a 45-page, 20-item Water Menu for the LA restaurant and leads Conan, Andy Richter, and guest Simon Pegg through a proper water tasting. Conan seems skeptical at first asking "now don't they all just taste like water?," but he does conclude that the second water is in fact too salty for his liking, saying, "This is what you drink when you're dying on a raft." Pegg is also dubious, and the only flavor he picks up from the first water is "disappointment." Frustrated at not being able to taste the differences between the first and the third water sampled, Conan concedes: "I respect your passion. I don't see the difference myself, but I know it's there." Go, watch:

Video: Water Sommelier Martin Riese Interview Pt. 1

Video: Water Sommelier Martin Riese Interview Pt. 2

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