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Victoria Beckham Conned by Fake Cronuts

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Photo: @victoriabeckham

Fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has apparently been sucked into the mad, mad world of Cronut impostors. After she tweeted a picture of a dozen "Cronuts," NYC pastry chef and Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel set the record straight tweeting: "Who tricked @victoriabeckham into thinking those knockoffs were the real Cronut™? An intern who overslept and didn't wait in line? Hope not."

It does look like the fake cronuts were served in a Dominique Ansel Bakery signature gold box, however, so Ansel might not be far off in assuming this was the nefarious plot of some intern. Looking at the knockoffs, it seems likely they are "French donuts" from Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe in Greenwich Village, which look pretty similar to what Beckham tweeted. (Note the chocolate frosting with nibs and the red sprinkles). It's also possible the impostors were provided by Dessert Club, Chikalicious in the East Village. (The Food Emporium's imitation cronuts don't look nearly as presentable.) On the bright side, at least these knockoffs haven't caused food poisoning.

Possible Suspect: Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe

French donuts. [Photo: Mille-feuille / Facebook]

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