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Jon Favreau's Chef Film Embroiled in Finance Lawsuit

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Photo: @jon_favreau / Twitter

The production of Jon Favreau's upcoming film Chef isn't all food truck cubanos and Vines: apparently Sous Chef LLC, the production division of Aldamisa Entertainment that's overseeing the film, is suing Providence Films and its president, Xavier Mitchell, for fraud. The details of the suit are complicated, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, basically Sous Chef is alleging Providence took $297,175 out of an escrow account that they weren't supposed to.

A judge has since placed an injunction against Providence from accessing the money. Also, THR just tucks this gem into the end of their post: as part of another, unrelated lawsuit "Mitchell arranged to have an imposter pose as a 93-year-old man (who was hospitalized at the time) and sign escrow." What insanity is this?

In other Chef news, IMDB claims Garry Shandling has joined Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey, Jr., Dustin Hoffman, Amy Sedaris, Sofia Vergara and more in the cast of the film. Welcome aboard El Jefe Cubanos, Garry.

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