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Watch Stephen Colbert Take on the Fast Food Strike

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Stephen Colbert took on the fast food workers strike on the Colbert Report, and he's sick of people whining: "I want a union. I want safety regulations. I need all my fingers." But seriously, if all the fast food workers in the country increased their wages from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour, it could have a big impact: "A living wage would eliminate 3.6 million poor people. That's the kind of thing Hitler used to talk about. If only someone had been around to give him a Happy Meal."

Then it was on to interview Mary Kay Henry, head of the Service Employees International Union. Asks Colbert, "Isn't it up to these people to pull themselves up by their own fry baskets?" The videos, below.

Video: Colbert on the Fast Food Strike, Part 1

Video: Colbert on the Fast Food Strike, Part 2

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