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Michael White's Chop Shop in London, Opening Today

[Photos: Julie Falconer]

Behold Chop Shop, London's latest New York City import that softly launches this very day in the St. James district. Expansion-minded restaurateur Michael White's Altamarea Group announced in late May that they were collaborating with Will Guess of London's Rowley's on this new butcher-shop-inspired venture. Today, the restaurant soft opens for dinner only — offering 25 percent off the check for early adopters — with plans to add lunch service beginning August 14.

Here now, take a spin through the two-level space that includes a basement dining area; marquee lights for days; and walls made of wood, brick; and tile. Chop Shop also tweeted a sneak peek of its menu, which includes a White Label burger, a steak sandwich, and "Morini Meatballs" (a nod to Altamarea's Osteria Morini in NYC). Plus, of course, various types of steaks and chops and their accompanying sauces and sides. Ultra Vie also points out there's "a selection of authentic New York and London cocktails." Here's a look inside:

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