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Cronut Knockoff Names, in Order

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An actual, real cronut.
An actual, real cronut.
Photo: Raphael Brion/Eater

Cronut copycats are an international phenomena. Even Dunkin' Donuts in South Korea is getting in the game. But New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel, who invented the croissant-donut hybrid, scored an international trademark on the term "Cronut" (and his lawyers are getting feisty). So the solution for bakeries who want to jump on the Cronut bandwagon is to come up with a new name. Some are inventive, some are not. Most are simple portmanteaus. So here now, cronut knockoff names in order:

25. Frissants
24. Dossants
23. Doissants
22. Dough'Ssants
21. Doughsánts
20. Doughssants
19. Brioughnut
18. CroBrios
17. Croughnuts
16. Croinuts
15. Crullants
14. Cray-nuts
13. Sconuts
12. Zonuts
11. Rownuts
10. Kronut Krullers
9. Crookies
8. Crumbnuts
7. DK Double Decker O-Nuts
6. Crobars
5. Cronots
4. Cro-Nots
3. Squats
2. New York Pie Doughnuts (NYPDs)
1. One of Those

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