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Amy's Baking Company Is Selling Catch-Phrase T-Shirts

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[Photos: ABC]

Remember Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, the delusional restaurateurs behind the most famous episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever? They're back to capitalize on their infamy by selling t-shirts. That's right: now you can own a t-shirt that says "Here's your pizza go f**k yourself!" (asterisks theirs) or "I speak feline MEOW!" (which appears to be trademarked). All this for the low price of $30 a shirt. If that's not quite in the budget, there are $25 hats available as well. These catch-phrases have already been immortalized in a Meow Mix Remix, YouTube parody ads, and more, and now they are fashion.

Facebook commenters are being a little harsh about the shirts, saying things like "Deport your shirts with your husband!" (Bouzaglo has had a few immigration issues) and "I'd rather purchase a 30 dollar box of AIDS." Glad no one's overreacting. Peruse the Amy's Baking Company collection below:

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