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Here's an Aptly Named 12-Pound Stunt Sandwich: Behold the 'Big Fat Fatty'

Here's a video from NBC San Diego that shows the making of a monster stunt sandwich called "the Big Fat Fatty" at Fat Sal's Deli, a sandwich shop with locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The 27" long, 12-pound sandwich, which costs $49.95, includes the following: five cheeseburgers, one-and-a-half pounds of pastrami, one-and-a-half pounds of cheesesteak, 10 chicken fingers, 10 onion rings, 10 jalapeno poppers, bacon, mozzarella sticks, five fried eggs, two cups of chili, two of cups marinara sauce, a basket of french fries, and a cup of "fat sauce," just because.

Fat Sal's owner Josh Stone created the Big Fat Fatty because he "knew [he] wanted a competition sandwich," while the name apparently came to him in a dream. It's certainly effective: Stone says out of some 700 to 800 orders to date, only two people have finished the sandwich, both of whom were "professional eaters." Go, watch:

Video: Fat Sal's 'Big Fat Fatty' Sandwich

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Fat Sal's Deli

956 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

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