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Watch Joe Bastianich's Advice on Building Global Business

Restaurateur and MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich, described by Business Insider as the "the lesser-known partner" in he and Mario Batali's 20-property B&B Hospitality Group, talks to BI about his success in the restaurant business. Bastianich, who grew up in a famous restaurant family, says he learned from an early age to not "look to make dollars in the restaurant business, look to make nickels that turn into dollars." Also, on the delicate balance between being hospitable and cost-conscious: "Your main role as a businessman is to control costs," he says. "So, you have to appear to be opulent and generous for your customers, which is something that's fundamental, but you also have to hawkishly watch all your costs." Go, watch:

Video: Succeeding In Restaurants Is About Nickels And Dimes, Not Dollars

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