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Gordon Ramsay Earns Fox About $185 Million/Year

Photo: Fox

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has a whopping five shows on Fox — including MasterChef Junior, premiering in September — and it seems that he's basically printing money for the network. AdWeek crunched some numbers and looked at rate card estimates, and they guess between Ramsay's shows he brought in $185 million in sales for Fox since this time last year. That's some expensive yelling.

It's unclear how much of that cash Ramsay sees: a profile in the Sunday Times last month estimated his media earnings each year are about £15 million (USD $22.6 million). In 2012, Forbes put Ramsay's total yearly intake (including his restaurants) at $38 million.

AdWeek arrived at $185 million by estimating his ad sales since this time last year were about $157.6 million, and putting advance sales on MasterChef Junior at $29.2 million. With numbers like that, you've got to have ratings: MasterChef is apparently one of summer's highest-rated shows, beating out Big Brother (CBS) and coming in right behind America's Got Talent (NBC). AdWeek calls him "one of the network's singular personalities" and compare his shows to the Simpsons and American Idol. Not too bad for a bunch of cooking shows.

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