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Philly Steak Shop: Business Is Down Post Name-Change

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The Philadelphia cheesesteak shop formerly known as Chink's Steaks says business is down after it rebranded into Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop earlier this year. Owner Joe Groh changed the potentially offensive name of the Philadelphia stalwart in late March, and according to the Philadelphia Daily News, received "backlash from some longtime customers who hated the name-change, calling it a surrender to political-correctness." Groh says that business at Joe's has been down 10 and 15 percent in recent months, and the shop was recently vandalized by people who were apparently offended at Groh's attempt to be unoffensive.

Groh now tells the Daily News that "in all honesty," he didn't really want to change Chink's name in the first place. Both Joe's web address and Facebook presence still use the Chink's name, which had been in place since 1949.

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Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop

6030 Torresdale Ave., Philadelphia, PA

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