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Breaking Bad's Awkward Guacamole Scene Boosts Sales at Albuquerque Restaurant

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A restaurant featured in last weekend's episode of the AMC drug dealing drama Breaking Bad has reported an increase in sales of a dish specifically mentioned during the episode. According to the Wrap, Albuquerque, NM Mexican restaurant Garduño's has seen sales of their table-side guacamole increase from 30% of customers ordering to 35%. In the episode, a Garduño's waiter (played by a professional actor) keeps interrupting an extremely tense conversation between the show's main characters in effort to get them to order the tableside guacamole. (Spoiler alert: They don't order it.)

The restaurant's corporate general manager tells the Wrap that many customers cite Breaking Bad as their reason for ordering the guacamole. He says Garduño's has also had Breaking Bad tourists come to the restaurant to have their photos taken at the table featured on the show. Breaking Bad has coined the phrase "awkward guacomole" to describe the scene. Go, watch:

Video: Awkward Guacomole on Breaking Bad

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2100 Louisiana Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110

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