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Watch Marilyn Hagerty at Le Cirque: "It's an Experience"

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Viral Grand Forks Herald restaurant critic Marilyn Hagerty visited the legendary New York City restaurant Le Cirque with Inside Edition yesterday. Her visit to Le Cirque came after a morning spent eating Cronuts on Today (which she found "very chewy" and "very good"). With Inside Edition, Hagerty spoke about her fine dining food preferences. She explained that she does like caviar but she doesn't "eat it everyday," and that Le Cirque is "a lot different than the truck stop in Grand Forks." She doesn't offer a comparison between Le Cirque and Olive Garden, but rather concludes "Well, this and the Olive Garden are two different things."

In the video from her trip to Le Cirque below, Hagerty also praises the service at Le Cirque, where "one course flows into another." She says "the whole thing is just an experience" and suggests that "in between our peanut butter sandwiches and hamburgers and McDonald's we ought to have meals like this more often." Hagerty is in town to promote her new book Grand Forks, which has a foreword by Anthony Bourdain, who published the book on his Ecco imprint. Below, the video:

Video: Marilyn Hagerty Gives Le Cirque a Taste Test

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Le Cirque

151 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022

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