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Curtis Stone on His Upcoming Menu-Less LA Restaurant

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Australian food personality and Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone was on Larry King Now yesterday, where he and host Larry King discussed the plans for Stone's upcoming Beverly Hills, CA restaurant. Stone says the restaurant will be "very small [and] very intimate" with only 25 - 30 seats. Stone explains that this small operation might not be the best money-maker, but he says money isn't "really my motive," so that's good. Stone also reveals that there will not be a menu: "You're going to put yourself in the chef's hands (that's me)."

Not only will there not be a menu, at this point there's not a name either, even though the restaurant will be opening in October or November. Stone is thinking about naming the restaurant Maude's after his grandmother, but King suggests he name it Stone's. On the subject of using his name for the restaurant, Stone says: "I'm reluctant to put my name into the restaurant ... I don't want to be conceited about it."

King asks Stone whether he will be at the restaurant every night, to which Stone replies "I'll be there as much as I humanly can be." To that end, he says that he's "going to change the mix of what we do a little bit with my business" so he can be in LA more. Stone adds that he'll try to scale back his commitments, but he will still have "stuff outside of the restaurant" to do (presumably that means hosting reality television shows). Below, the videos:

Video: Curtis Stone On His New Menuless Restaurant

Video: Curtis Stone On Naming His New Restaurant

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