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Alan Richman Defends His Controversial GQ Review

Photo: Mighty Quinn's / Facebook

After being called "categorically false" by the owners of Mighty Quinn's, GQ restaurant man Alan Richman speaks up to defend his review of the barbecue restaurant at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Clearly not amused that the facts of his experience have been called into question, Richman writes: "It is my belief that an experienced reporter who was on site is a more accurate source of information than a pitmaster and his partner who were nowhere to be seen." To prove his case, Richman offers the notes from his excursion to Smorgasburg.

The notes tell the same story as Richman's original review. He says Mighty Quinn's would not serve him "until there was a line" of 25 people waiting, and that the woman working there was "taunting" the hungry customers. In his notes, he refers to this as "Brilliant marketing, cynical customer service." Richman writes that he is "confused" by the blowback his review received: "I am indeed confused — by their absolute certainty that they have it right and I have it wrong."

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