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Watch Reactions to a Fake 'Guns for Cronuts' Program

The comedians at Brooklyn live show Late Night Basement recently took their act to the streets of New York City, asking unsuspecting New Yorkers to comment on a "guns for cronuts" trade-in program supposedly hatched by the NYPD. It goes without saying the "guns for cronuts" offer isn't real, but several man-on-the-street interviewees buy it, because as the reporter points out, "It's actually easier to get a gun on the streets of New York than to get a cronut."

When asked their thoughts on the program, the response was overwhelmingly positive, especially for those who admitted they were too lazy to wait in line for a cronut. Says one: "I think I just got the solution to my cronut situation... I'm going to get a gun to get me a cronut." Go, watch:

Video: Guns For Cronuts & More: Late Night Basement Talks to New Yorkers

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