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Watch a Preview of Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking

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Here's a preview for Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking, a new PBS series from Fine Cooking magazine and WGBH in Boston. The show is hosted by Australian food personality and chef Pete Evans, and will highlight different regions across America. Evans will be joined by chefs and food experts in each episode who will participate in "spur-of-the-moment 'culinary jams,'" giving cooking tips to viewers as they prepare their feasts. Expect to see chefs Jacques Pepin, Marcus Samuelsson, Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, Andy Ricker, Matt Lightner, Christopher Kostow, and more. The series premieres on public television stations Saturday, September 7 with a visit to Seattle with chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. Below, a trailer for the show and a press release with full episode descriptions:

Video: Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking


Guest chefs Jacques Pepin, Marcus Samuelsson, Anita Lo, Larry and Marc Forgione,
Jonathan Waxman, Andy Ricker, Jeffrey Saad, and more join Host/Chef Pete Evans

13-Episode Culinary Journey to Launch on Public Television Stations
Beginning September 7, 2013 (check local listings)

(Boston, MA) – From the vibrant seafood-filled waters of Puget Sound to the rich, grape-filled fields of Sonoma, from an intimate sunset dinner on an urban rooftop terrace in Manhattan to a beach banquet for 150 people in the San Francisco Bay Area, the new series MOVEABLE FEAST WITH FINE COOKING celebrates the spirit of pop-up cooking events and invites the country's most innovative chefs, rising culinary stars and food artisans to partake in a one-of-a-kind gastro adventure that will inspire viewers. Produced by WGBH and Fine Cooking magazine, the new 13-episode series crisscrosses the country, teaming up talented chefs with host/chef Pete Evans to create unique and spontaneous feasts in unconventional settings for friends and family. MOVEABLE FEAST WITH FINE COOKING premieres on public television stations beginning Saturday, September 7, 2013 (check local listings).

Each week, host Pete Evans, Australia's top celebrity chef, author and restaurateur, travels to a new location in the U.S. to challenge local chefs to join him in spur-of-the-moment "culinary jams" to create in one day a feast in an exciting location. Culinary guest stars--including renowned chefs Jacques Pepin, Marcus Samuelsson, Anita Lo, Larry and Marc Forgione, Jonathan Waxman, Andy Ricker, Jeffrey Saad, and more--are asked to demonstrate their farm-to-table cooking methods, as viewers follow them to source the finest local ingredients for their dishes. Afterwards, the chefs join forces and work against the clock to prepare a multi-course menu for an eclectic, enthusiastic, and ravenous group of diners. Viewers will learn from the participants firsthand what ingredients inspire their cooking perspective and the local food treasures and experiences that best exemplify their home cities.

In the September 7th series premiere, MOVEABLE FEAST WITH FINE COOKING host/chef Pete Evans kicks off the culinary journey in Seattle, where he meets with chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. The chefs take Pete on his first crabbing trip to catch Dungeness crab in Puget Sound. In this launch episode, the series also visits Seattle's legendary Pike Place Market and culminates with the chefs joining forces to create a delectable meal of Squid on Garlic Toast with Arugula, steaming Dungeness Crab and Pasta Ricotta Salata (Tom's version of Mac & Cheese!), and Sand Dabs with Garlic Flowers and Morels—in a "pop-up" feast for 15 guests at a beach pavilion overlooking the water.

Subsequent episodes include:

San Francisco, CA: Chefs Jeffrey Saad and Cortney Burns
Premieres as of September 14
Pete Evans travels south to San Francisco to cook a delightful international, spice-themed meal, as the chefs visit Tcho Chocolate Factory and Spice Ace to pick up fresh just-made chocolate and exotic spices such as galangal root.

Millstone Farm, CT: Chefs Jacques Pepin, Bill Taibe and Tim LaBant
Premieres as of September 21
A farm fresh meal from Millstone Farm's best ingredients includes a delicious meal of eggs in lettuce wraps, slow roasted pork shoulder and baby turnips, greens and fennel fritter salad.

Culinary Institute of America, CA: Chefs Marc and Larry Forgione and Scott Samuel
Premieres as of September 28
Host Pete Evans visits the CIA in picturesque Napa Valley and cooks with three of the area's finest chefs. Corn meal is used to make polenta for that evening's Napa-style feast, and fresh strawberries from CIA's own student garden are roasted with dark chocolate and smoked chili.

Westport, MA: Chef Chris Schlesinger and Doc Willoughby
Premieres as of October 5
With beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, Pete joins Massachusetts grill master and renowned Food Editor Doc Willoughby for his first quahogging adventure to gather up Atlantic hard clams to grill up for that evening's dinner, just as the sun sets over the horizon.

Providence, RI: Chefs Matt Jennings and Ken Oringer
Premieres as of October 12
Pete Evans cooks with two of the East Coast's best chefs to make a delicious meal on a roof deck in downtown Providence that overlooks the entire downtown area. Dinner includes green asparagus with black truffle vinaigrette and morels, sassafrass panna cotta, and grilled pork belly with razor clams.

Secret Sea Cove, CA: Chef Ravi Kapur
Premieres as of October 19
Pete Evans joins Chef Kapur in a cooking adventure unlike any other, in which they cook in a "restaurant without walls." With majestic views of the Pacific Ocean as backdrop, Pete and Ravi cook up a delightful beachfront feast for over 150 guests. The guests are in for a surprise when the tide comes up to wash over their feet during the meal!

Seattle, WA: Chefs Maria Hines and Holly Smith
Premieres as of October 26
Set in the trendy Mallet Kitchen in downtown Seattle, host Pete Evans is joined by local chefs Hines and Smith to cook for their excited guests. Side trips include Oxbow Farm and Loki Fish Company to collect fresh seafood and meat.

Harlem, NY: Chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Jonathan Waxman
Premieres as of November 2
Pete is joined by two legendary New York chefs to highlight diverse local flavors, after they gather fresh ingredients from the Harlem Farmer's Market. Pete also heads down to Brooklyn to gather pickles from the Brooklyn Brine Company.

Sonoma, CA: Chefs Christopher Kostow, Leo Beckerman and Evan Bloom
Premieres as of November 9
During Pete's trip to Sonoma, CA, he meets up with several culinary artisans to cook brunch for their hungry guests at a picturesque winery. They decide on a delicious breakfast casserole, fig salad and apple balsamic and cheese blintzes to curb hungry appetites.

Duxbury, MA: Chefs Jeremy Sewall and Barton Seaver and Skip Bennett
Premieres as of November 16
Set inside the beautiful seaside town of Duxbury, MA, this episode features legendary Boston Chef Jeremy Sewall, sustainable cooking expert Barton Seaver, and Island Creek Oysters owner Skip Bennett, whom Pete Evans joins in foraging for oysters for the feast.

Sonoma, CA: Chefs Duskie Estes and Mark Stark
Premieres as of November 23
Pete Evans teams up with two of Sonoma's finest chefs, Estes and Stark, to gather up goat cheese and milk at Redwood Hill Farm and pick up a few ducks for that evening's feast. Coffee BBQ duck and smoked cheddar polenta are just some of the delectable courses featured.

New York City, NY: Chefs Matt Lightner, Anita Lo and Andy Ricker
Premieres as of November 30
The first season ends on a high note with three of NYC's best and brightest chefs--Lightner, Lo and Ricker--joining Pete Evans for an al fresco urban feast for 50 people, featuring herbs and spices gathered at Wards Island and Chinatown. The evening unfolds in a hidden jewel of a place: a rooftop terrace with breathtaking sunset views of Midtown Manhattan.

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