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Watch Thomas Keller Boldly Cameo on Eat, Drink, Love

The one and only chef Thomas Keller decided to swing by the Eat, Drink, Love shoot at Bouchon Beverly Hills on last night's episode, where Eater LA editor Kat Odell and publicist Brenda Urban happened to be having dinner. "Meeting him is the equivalent of meeting the pope, in the food world," says Brenda. Bravo also posted a video in which they asked each of the Eat, Drink, Love ladies if chefs are good in bed, the answer to which seemed to be a universal "What?" (Except for Nina Clemente, the personal chef, who says "Yeah, chefs are totally way better in the sack, man. Hands down. I agree with that.") Below, both videos:

Video: Thomas Keller on Eat, Drink, Love

Video: Are Chefs Better in the Sack?

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Bouchon Beverly Hills

235 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210