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Watch a Suggestive 'Snob's Guide' to Heirloom Tomatoes

In this newest installment of Vanity Fair's "Food Snob's guide" — directed to "a person for whom the actual enjoyment of food is secondary to knowing more about it than you do" — the Snob's Dictionary defines the highly coveted heirloom tomato. Now in season, the heirloom tomato provides "an occasion not only for celebration but also indulgence and gastro-rhapsodism," so of course, get ready for some vaguely pornographic noises and double entendres.

The video also takes a look at the efforts of Iowa's Seed Savers Exchange, an organization now fueled by "bearded young Neo-rustics, who are only too happy to try their hand at cultivating antique produce." Go, watch:

Video: The Snob's Dictionary: Heirloom Tomatoes

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